Lombard Odier

Fondation Philanthropia was created in 2008 by the Geneva-based bank Lombard Odier to provide its clients with a simple and flexible vehicle for their philanthropy. While being independent from the bank, Fondation Philanthropia benefits from Lombard Odier’s philanthropic advisory service, legal and fiscal expertise, and bicentenary asset management experience.

Since its founding in 1796, Lombard Odier has stayed true to its primary vocation of preserving and growing the assets entrusted to it, and helping to hand them to future generations. With this same long-term vision, the Firm has traditionally been involved in philanthropy and community engagement.

This initially resulted in the support by the founding Partner Jean Gédéon Lombard (1763-1848) of local religious associations set up to help the most underprivileged members of society. His example was followed by his son, Alexandre Lombard, who was actively involved in labor rights and who played a key role in the abolition of working Sundays, earning him the name of “Lombard-Sunday”. He was also one of the first to answer the appeal of the future Red Cross founder Henry Dunant by becoming a member of the fund raising committee set up to support Dunant’s fieldwork in Italy.

Today Lombard Odier still supports the ICRC: it is one of the founding members of the Corporate Support Group, which brings together companies wishing to help finance ICRC’s activities.



Today the philanthropic activities of Lombard Odier and its Partners are carried out by Fondation Lombard Odier, while Fondation Philanthropia is dedicated to the philanthropy of Lombard Odier’s clients.