Why choose Fondation Philanthropia

Fondation Philanthropia is an umbrella foundation and a registered Swiss charity. We can help you achieve your philanthropic ambitions with the added assurance of guaranteed simplicity, security, and tailored solutions.

We offer you two options of engagement.

Thematic funds
The first is giving to one of our existing thematic funds devoted to one of Fondation Philanthropia’s issue areas: humanitarian and social action, medical and scientific research, education and training, art and culture, or environment and sustainable development.

Personal funds
Alternatively, you can create and name together with your friends and family your own personal fund to support the organizations or causes you prefer.


Tailored support

Fondation Philanthropia is a flexible vehicle designed to adapt to the individual philanthropic and financial requirements of donors. Its thematic funds mean that even the most modest gifts, as a result of the pooling of funds, can contribute to supporting large-scale projects. As for personal funds, they allow you to support the cause of your choice and decide on the level of involvement that suits you best.


Our philanthropy advisers apply strong sector knowledge to identify organizations that dovetail perfectly with your philanthropic ambitions. Our legal and financial experts are also there to help you define structures and investment policies in line with your values and requirements.


Fondation Philanthropia offers you a solution you can trust. We guarantee the quality of our partners and ensure optimum use of your grants. As a donor, you receive regular reports, and we take responsibility for every aspect of administrative management, including the relationship with supervisory authorities and external auditors, so that you can serenely focus on your philanthropic engagement.


With the full backing of Lombard Odier, a 200-year-old banking institution, Fondation Philanthropia is fully committed to long-term thinking. This gives you the opportunity to create an endowment fund that protects the capital and ensures that your philanthropic initiatives have a long-term future underwritten by the Board of Trustees.

Cost effectiveness

Fondation Philanthropia, as an umbrella foundation, helps you engage philanthropically without all the costs and administrative requirements of setting up your own foundation. Together, all administration, auditing, accounting, legal and philanthropy advisory expenses are set at 0.75% of fund assets for the year (0.5% for funds over 10 million Swiss francs), excluding asset management, and subject to a minimum yearly fee of 2,500 Swiss francs.