A Donor’s Guide to Cancer

As per current data, one in five men and one in six women worldwide will develop cancer during their lifetime. One in eight men and one in eleven women will die from the disease.

The fight against cancer is an important philanthropic cause for many of the donors we advise.

Due to aging, urbanisation, and environmental pollution, the incidence of cancer is likely to further increase during the next decades.

With new treatments and a veritable scientific revolution under way, there is new hope on the horizon. 

Our umbrella foundation Fondation Philanthropia, which facilitates clients’ philanthropic engagement, has already donated or committed over USD 30 million to the field of cancer since its inception in 2008.

Initially published in 2013, this new fully updated edition of the Donor’s Guide to Cancer highlights innovations in cancer care and treatment. It reflects philanthropists’ and foundations’ passion and relentless commitment to backing cancer research and care.

Intended as an initial step towards improving comprehension of the challenges involved, we hope that this guide, available for free download can inform and inspire current and future donors to make their own meaningful contributions to address a disease which affects us all.