President's message

To whom, where and how? While donors know why they want to give, the wide range of needs and opportunities presents a true challenge. Their giving may be occasional or recurrent, provide support for one or many causes, and do so locally or on several continents. Once these choices have been made, one must ensure the projects run smoothly and create impact. It is precisely to help private donors engage in long-term philanthropy that Bank Lombard Odier & Co Ltd has set up Fondation Philanthropia. Our team of experts and a tailor-made structure allow donors to achieve their aspirations with complete peace of mind.

We have the privilege to work with inspiring individuals and families who care about making a difference in the lives of others and as Fondation Philanthropia embarks on its fifth year, we would like thank our donors for the trust they have placed in us. The Foundation now operates over 20 personal funds, and has received over 115 million Swiss francs in donations to implement our donors’ wishes.

We look forward to welcoming new donors to Fondation Philanthropia and continuing sharing our passion and experiences with them.

Denis Pittet
President of the Board of Trustees

What is an Umbrella Foundation?

Running a foundation requires day-to-day professional management as well as substantial administrative, legal and accounting costs. Independent foundations, whose resources are often limited, therefore face a number of challenges and costs that inevitably reduce the amount of funding available for projects.

The concept of the umbrella foundation – also known as a community foundation in the US, fondation abritante in France and Dachstiftung in Germany – has been developed precisely to address these difficulties. Umbrella foundations are independent charities that provide professional and personalized philanthropy advice and administrative services to donors, according to their personal interests and needs.

Advantages of umbrella foundations:

• Minimize hassle: umbrella foundations provide all the administrative, accounting and legal services required so you are free to focus exclusively on the philanthropic causes that are dearest to you.

• Uniting forces: this setup allows you to pool funds with other donors, to share overhead costs and therefore to maximize the impact of their giving.

• Flexibility: you can choose to support your preferred projects and causes by creating and setting the terms of your own fund. You are free to decide your personal level of involvement in the selection and monitoring of beneficiaries.

• Transparency and feedback: you are always kept informed about how your money is spent and what impact it has achieved.

• Long-term impact: by setting an endowed fund, you ensure that your money will continue to have impact in the long run.

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Lombard Odier

Fondation Philanthropia was created in 2008 by the Geneva-based bank Lombard Odier to provide its private clients with a hassle-free and easily accessible philanthropy vehicle. While being independent from the bank, Fondation Philanthropia is fully serviced and benefits from Lombard Odier’s philanthropic advisory service, legal and fiscal expertise, communication team and bi-centenary asset management experience.

NB: Fondation Lombard Odier looks after the philanthropic activities of the bank and its Partners, while Fondation Philanthropia is exclusively dedicated to Lombard Odier clients’ giving.


Fondation Philanthropia is a member of SwissFoundations, the association of Swiss grant-making foundations and supports the Swiss Foundation Code.

It is also part of the Transnational Giving Europe network that enables you to claim tax relief on your donations to Fondation Philanthropia if you are resident outside Switzerland and live in one of the 18 countries covered by the network.