Create your own personal fund

These funds are the right solution if you have already identified the cause or project you wish to support. You can create your own fund, which then operates as a virtually independent entity within our umbrella structure. If you wish, you can involve your family, friends or trusted advisors by forming a consultative committee, which submits grant recommendations to the Board of Fondation Philanthropia.


You can also work directly with our philanthropy advisers, who will help you define a grant strategy and select those projects that best suit you. This option is also suited to existing foundations wishing to reduce their administrative overheads, but whose Board wants to retain an active role in the grant-making process.


More than twenty donors have already created their own personal fund within our structure. See examples here.

Our approach and grant policy


The mission of Fondation Philanthropia is to serve the philanthropic ambitions of its donors and help them identify, assess and select the right partners for them and their goals.


For this reason, we adopt a purely proactive approach to identify projects that meet their personal interest areas, and therefore we do not consider unsolicited funding request.


Since the creation of Fondation Philanthropia over 90 organizations have been supported, many of which have become long-term partners. Because each of our donors in engaged in a different subject area of his/her choice, Fondation Philanthropia supports a wide range of organizations and causes ranging from wildlife conservation to cancer research.