Donate through a thematic fund

You know which area of activity you wish to support and you want to pool your funds with other donors to multiply the impact of your giving. Fondation Philanthropia offers you the choice between five existing funds, each focused on a broad area of philanthropic intervention:

Humanitarian and social action, 

Medical and scientific research, 

Art and culture,

Education and training,

Environment and sustainable development.


This option is perfect if you wish a prompt and straightforward solution, operating alongside other donors. We ensure the quality of the beneficiaries and select together the most effective programs. We also take responsibility for the monitoring of every grant made and report to you on the outcomes achieved.


Several factors prompted us to propose thematic funds

Pooling donations, even modest ones, makes it possible to offer substantial financial backing to organizations that have specific needs for a project or campaign. They also suit donors that are reluctant to give substantial sums to a single cause, and can split their donation among several funds.

Our thematic funds cover projects that have tremendous potential for impact, but that have difficulties in accessing funding. These outstanding, but off-the-radar projects are carefully selected and verified before and during funding.

Within each of the four fields, we try to strike a balance between local, regional and international initiatives, big brands, and small grass-root organizations, long-standing charities, and newly created ones, and innovative projects and those that have stood the test of time.