Why choose Fondation Philanthropia?

Thematic funds

The first option is to give to our existing thematic funds covering five issue areas:

• Humanitarian and social action
• Medical and scientific research
• Art and culture
• Education and training
• Environment and sustainable development


Sheltered funds

The second option is to create and name your own personal fund and support the organisations or causes you cherish, together with your friends and family.

Cost structure

Philanthropia offers a competitive and advantageous cost structure. All administration, accounting, legal and philanthropy advisory expenses are set at 0.75% of the fund’s average assets for the year (0.5% for funds over CHF10 million), excluding asset management, and subject to a minimum threshold of CHF3,500.


NB : Fondation Philantropia is a registered charity in Switzerland (tax exemption decision of 21 March 2017 by the Geneva cantonal tax authority). Donors might not be able to benefit from the relevant tax provisions existing in other countries than Switzerland. For more information, please refer to your legal or tax advisor.